Forensic Services

Expert Witness

Dr. Poyner has extensive training and experience in forensic psychology. She has served as an expert witness in many legal actions including, jury trials, hearings and appellate cases. She has been deemed an expert in every case in which she has been involved. Dr. Poyner has testified for the State, Federal Government, Department of Human Services, Oklahoma Indigent Defense System and for defense attorneys. In addition, she regularly conducts forensic evaluations for use in legal cases. 

Testing and Comprehensive Reports

  • Forensic ServicesCompetency to Stand Trial
  • Personality and Sociopathy
  • Mental Illness
  • Insanity
  • Malingering
  • Intelligence
  • Ability to Parent

Memberships in Associations

Dr. Poyner is a member of the Oklahoma Psychological Association,  American Psychological Association, American Psychology Law Society, and the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. Dr. Poyner currently conducts forensic evaluations or serves as an expert witness for the Oklahoma Juvenile Bureau, Oklahoma Juvenile Authority, Oklahoma Indigent Defense System, The Department of Human Services, The Oklahoma District Attorney, prosecutors, defense attorneys and the Social Security Disability Determination Service.


A small sampling of Dr. Poyner’s forensic work includes:

State of Oklahoma Murder (Prosecution)
State of Oklahoma Capital Murder (Indigent Defense)
Federal/U.S. Army Murder (Federal/Court Martial Defense)
OK County DHS Evaluation and Testimony (Prosecution)
State of Oklahoma Appellate Court (Defense)
Oklahoma Indigent Defense Psychological Testing and Testimony (Defense)
State of Oklahoma Murder/Arson (Expert Witness-Defense)
State of OK/Juvenile Offenders Certification/Testimony (Expert Witness for State)
Parenting Coordinator Evaluations and Report to Judges (State)
Civil Mental Health Law Violation of Mental Health Law (Plaintiff)
State of Oklahoma Child Custody (Expert Witness for the Court)
Lincoln County DHS Child Custody (Expert Witness for the State)
Utah Mental Health Court Multiple Violations (Prosecution)
OK Juvenile Bureau/Authority Assessment/Certification and Expert Testimony (Prosecution)
Potawatamie County Child Custody (Expert Witness)
OK Mental Health Court Testing and Evaluation
State of Oklahoma Consent to Have Sex (Expert Witness-Defense)