About Us

Gail PoynerDr. Gail Poyner is a Licensed Psychologist and provides therapy for a spectrum of psychological disorders, including depression, anxiety, panic, behavior disorders and family problems. She uses a comprehensive battery of tests to diagnose disorders and inform treatment. Dr. Poyner collaboratively works with medical professionals in the community to facilitate the best care possible. She is also a Forensic Psychologist who is experienced in expert testimony, assessment and other court-related services. For more information, see our Forensic Services page.

Kristal Almquist MS

Kristal Almquist, MS is a Licensed Professional Counselor who treats adults, adolescents and children who are experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD and disruptive behaviors that impact the individual's functioning at home, school or work. Kristal is certified in Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and teaches parents and children skills for increasing positive relationships and pro-social behavior. She collaborates with parents, teachers and medical professionals to provide a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach to treatment.

Kim Woodhouse MS

Kim Woodhouse, MS is a Licensed Professional Counselor who treats both adults, adolescents, and children.

Helen Allred, MA

Helen Allred, MA is a Licensed Professional Counselor who treats adults, teens and children. Some of her specialties include providing therapy for depression, anxiety, trauma and behavioral problems. She is skilled in assisting people in finding coping skills, making behavioral change and working through problematic situations. Helen also treats LGBTQ issues found in all ages. She works with both parents and children, together and separately, to help them learn and employ alternative techniques to reduce behavioral problems. Helen also works with couples to assist them in overcoming differences and in finding common ground.

Jeanetta Bussell

Jeanetta Bussell is a Licensed Professional Counselor who sees children, adolescents, adults and the geriatric population. She treats many disorders including depression, anxiety, and behavioral problems. Jeanetta has experience with counseling foster children and working with domestic violence. In addition, she is particularly skilled in working with older adults coping with depression and issues with aging.

Dr. Stephen M. LangeMona Lowrey is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. 

Poyner Psychological Services has been serving the Metro and east of Oklahoma City for over ten years. We have solid, working relationships with medical and educational professionals throughout the area and are well known for providing quality psychological services.

Our Licensed Psychologists and Professional Counselors have the training, experience and skill to assess and treat a wide range of mental health issues.